About Steve

I was born in the United Kingdom and currently live in the United Kingdom. I studied Physics at Portsmouth university. But unfortunately dropped out due to my maths ability being to weak. One of my big interests along with music and science is health and fitness. Tai Chi and Chi Gong are a big part of my life. I take very a keen interest in nutrition.

As they say you are what you eat. As the great Greek philosopher Hippocrates the founder of western medicine ad to say about food and health. All diseases begin in the gut and that for true healing and optimum health we need to exercise and let medicine be thy food and food thy medicine. There for the natural forces within us are the true healers of disease.

I have ad a problem with depression from being a child. If you look at Depression in the medical context. There are six categories of Depression. Major depressive disorder, Dysthymic disorder, Adjustment disorder with depressed mood, Bipolar disorder manic depression and Depression related to hormones. I may self was diagnosed with Dysthymic disorder.

As my understanding and nutritional knowledge as increased I have been able to over come my depression to some extent. I also have a Dyslexia problem that as benafited from increased nutritional knowledge and with increasing understanding all so allowed me to rid myself of a knee joint and eye problem.